Welcome to Brandel Counseling (Psychotherapy Services). I have formal training and experience in both clinical and transpersonal counseling psychology, and have studied many other modalities relating to human behavior. My practice aims at getting to the heart of what's important to you quickly, and skill building around it. I specialize in long-term relationship issues (including marriage & family), addiction (substance, pornography, cell phone, media), anxiety and depression. 

What's a win for you? If you spent the time, energy, and money engaging with counseling and walked away from it feeling like "wow, totally worth it" what would have happened?

Answering this question via dialogue with one another creates a clear path, with clear goals, and real value. From there we simply focus on the process of getting you from where you are, to where you want to be, kindly and efficiently.

Psychotherapy is a process. It requires focus, interest, and real effort.  

We must track ourselves in the domains of work, love, play, and ultimate concern in order to understand where we are really at, and to be responsible for how our attitudes affect our situation. Trained guides can help us see what's happening, and what else is needed. Like a tour guide, the counselor helps hold the space and stay on topic. You are ultimately the person on safari, but I help point things out, and present new educational information. My aim is to support the whole person. Complete integration of all parts of yourself, positive and negative, with full reconciliation of what it means to be human as the ideal to strive for.

Please feel free to learn more about the work I offer in the "Services" and "About me" sections of this website. I hope to be a part of pursuing what's truly important to you.


If you'd like to get a sense of my style, please see this podcast I did on the Enneagram of Personality with Keith Kurlander and The Higher Practice Institute.