The more I study the Enneagram, the more mysteries I uncover. 

I was introduced to the Enneagram in 2005, and have studied the personality system and deeper connections since. While I intellectually understood at some level that the Enneagram was a map to our higher Self, just recently I've seen exactly what the Enneagram is truly pointing to. 

Understanding type is incredibly useful. Becoming aware of the blueprint of  the machine that's running us helps us begin to identify with something else. Something finer, something with a simpler quality to it. And with that comes a freedom not possible in the realm of everyday personality. 

The Enneagram has become popularized in the last 50 years due to the usefulness of seeing it through the lens of a personality system. However the Enneagram of personality of just one facet of the glyph - it has so many other things to teach. 

I use the Enneagram in my own life, and with others to help point out a path that can help transform our hardships. I have been studying the Enneagram for more than 12 years. I train with Russ Hudson, and many other great students and teachers in the work regularly. 

I am not sure I have seen a lens with a more accurate landscape. Quite simply the Enneagram has insights not found anywhere else. 

Whether you are an interested beginner, or feel you already know your type, I'm excited to discuss the Enneagram with you today. 

Office or, Skype sessions available