Substances, pornography, cell phone, media, and other addiction. 


We're doing our best, but we're medicating ourselves in the wrong way. 

When a good time turns in to a habit we can't break, we're addicted.

When we are abusing or addicted, we're not completely stupid. Our vice gives us something, a boost, a rush, a high, we feel something. 

What if we were just meeting a very clear need in the wrong way? 

This is why most people fail in conquering their addictions: 

We can get sober, but we fail to replace "the high" with a comparable change in lifestyle. We need to feel excited, engaged, inspired, and at the edge of our identity.

That's human, that's part of why it's awesome to be alive. 

We need to find alignment with a more fulfilling focus and lifestyle.

We are lacking support, and have forgotten the discipline it takes to actually be with and tolerate our direct experience - which is informing us of our true needs all the time.

We're always running away, we don't want to feel, we can't tolerate ourselves anymore. We're uncomfortable in our own skin. 

On a biochemical level this is about poor training regulating dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. On a more human level it's because we're out of connection with ourselves, our dreams and inspirations are buried, or worse we’re trying and getting no where, our true needs are not being met or they are stuffed away. Adult life is difficult. 

Depending on the severity of your addiction, and your body's dependence - going through detox may be appropriate, but also coming clean via honest dialogue can be cleansing.

Telling the truth is hard but cathartic. 

Drugs and bad habits are an easy substitute for regulating our confused, scared, ashamed, or angry nervous system. However after the initial hit, we know this lifestyle can lead to very dark things, and we will not find fulfillment here. 

There is a path out of addiction.

Are you ready to find it?

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