"Max helped me go back in to some bad memories I had as a child. I've been haunted by these thoughts, and they impact my current intimate relationships. He has a lot of skill to help hold scary things, and brings incredible skillful means to change them."

Lauri | Former Client


"I have been working with Max on and off for close to 2 years. He's helped me through spouts of bad anxiety, and through 3 breakups. He's a big picture guy, he'll reflect all the angles to help you see the factors that are leading to your pain and help you get clear on what is a good course of action."

Jules | Former Client


"I was lucky to have been a member of a mens group with Max for almost two years and he really cares about helping people figure out how to help themselves. He does not shy away from doing the hard work it takes to dive in and really examine motivations, attachments, etc. I think he is an excellent therapist."

Dan Thornton. | Men's Work 


"Max impresses me as a phenomenally dedicated and loving counselor."

Shari Fox | Soul Teacher


"I worked with Max for more than a year to help me deal with symptoms associated to schizophrenia. Not only did he help me function better in my work life, my life as a father, and in my relationships - he also helped me reinterpret the actual meaning I was making out of my experiences. Now all the stuff that used to seduce me in to my illness, just makes me laugh."

Ruffin G. | Former Client 


"Should be able to give more than 5 stars. Max is loving and very intuitive. I will see him as long as I can! Max is simply indescribable. Book today! You will understand!"

Rachel | Anonymous 


"I've seen Max serve and support men with insight, fearlessness, kindness and compassion again and again, for years. I've been impressed with the range and depth of experience that he is able to guide and navigate people through. From the deeply disturbed, to the highly functioning. He is committed, loyal, intelligent, insightful, and caring."

Marcus McCauley | Owner McCauley Family Farms, Men's Worker


"Max is centered, sincere, perceptive, intuitive and wise. I have gained much from his insights and am thankful to know Max."

Abel Villacorta | Sensei, Boulder Ki Aikido